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Creative Tips to Make Your Kid’s Ear Piercing Appointment Fun!

When planning your child’s first ear piercing experience, it’s best to make the event a positive one. The ear-piercing process can be uncomfortable and, if not prepared in advance, it can be a little scary for many kids. However, when kids are excited and eager about an upcoming appointment, they’re more likely to be calm during the piercing process and willing to care for newly pierced ears afterwards.

At Lizzy Lee & Me, we offer quality kid’s ear piercing services for infants, children, and adults in the Greater Victoria Area. Over time we’ve learned some tricks that help our young and fun-loving clientele enjoy the experience. Today, we’re sharing the best of our expert tips that can help you and your child enjoy their first ear piercing moment together.

Be Sure Your Child is Ready

Kid ear piercing should only be done when a child is ready to wear earrings and is eager to take on caring for their newly pierced earlobes. When a child can actively participate in their own piercing process, the experience will be better for both the child and the parent.

How do you know if your child is ready to start wearing earrings? Consider the following tell-tale signs:

Tell-Tale Signs Your Child is Ready for Pierced Earrings

  • Your child has asked to have their ears pierced.
  • They can care for their body.
  • Your child is ready for more personal responsibility.
  • They are excited to wear earrings!

Explain Your Kid’s Ear Piercing Process Positively

When describing to your child what their first experience wearing earrings may be like, be sure the conversation is upbeat and positive. Do your best to focus on the exciting parts of the event, especially those you know your child will love! Assure them that getting their ears pierced is safe and only takes a few minutes.

Some ways to generate good vibes before an ear piercing appointment can be:

  • Talk about the type of earrings they can choose.
  • Point out how this is another wonderful part of growing up.
  • Share your personal experiences with ear piercings.

Kid Expert Tip: Allow your child to bring their favourite comfort item to hold onto while having their ears pierced.

Choose a Kid-Friendly Salon

Once your child is ready to start wearing earrings, take them to a salon specializing in kid’s ear piercing. A beauty salon that caters to children is well equipped to handle common hiccups that can arise during a child’s first ear piercing appointment.

At Lizzy Lee & Me, our salon staff are well-trained in helping young children succeed at their first ear piercing appointment. We have top-notch equipment and child-friendly methods that make the entire process as easy as possible for young girls and boys.

One and Done Kids Ear Piercing Method

Piercing a child’s earlobes one at a time can be troublesome for many pre-school and school-aged kids. Upon feeling the initial pinch of having the first ear pierced, they can become reluctant to have the other ear pierced. To prevent that problem from arising, qualified technicians should expertly pierce both ears at the same time.

Safe and Clean Piercing Process

Choose to have your child’s ears pierced with a method that is both safe and clean for their delicate skin. Avoid infection and allergic reactions from piercing guns and non-sterile earrings by opting for a piercing method designed to deliver sterile, hypoallergenic results.

Share the Benefits of Pierced Ears

Ear piercing is a great experience that should make your child feel proud of themselves! Other benefits of having pierced ears that can further make them feel good about their decision are:

  • Earrings can be fun!
  • Pierced ears are an easy way to express changing styles and trends.
  • Earrings can symbolize your child’s growth and development.
  • Caring well for pierced earlobes demonstrates self-respect.

Make the Big Day Special!

One of the most fun ways to help your child’s first ear piercing be a happy time is to make the big day extra special! You can turn the event into an opportunity to spend quality time with your child in a way you both will enjoy. Some easy ways to enhance the day can be:

  • Visit a nearby cafe or bakery for a post-piercing sweet treat.
  • Take pictures to share with friends and family!
  • Enjoy a meal together at their favourite restaurant.
  • Shop for new earrings they’ll want to wear after healing.
  • Indulge them with the ultimate, kid-friendly spa day experience.

Have More Kid’s Ear Piercing Questions?

Have more questions about getting your child’s ears pierced? That’s okay! We understand the process can be equally stressful for parents as it is for kids and are happy to answer all of your first-time questions. Reach out to us by phone, send us an email, or drop by our Hillside Shopping Centre location in beautiful Victoria, BC.

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