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Ear Piercing for Kids in Victoria, BC

Ear Piercing is FREE at Lizzy Lee & Me, with the purchase of select earrings. We make the experience sweet with two fully certified staff members, a gourmet lollipop and a keepsake photo certificate. Please call to book your ear piercing appointment:

5/5 from 150+ customers

Make your ears Ear-resistable, with our once in a lifetime ear piercing experience. Select your favorite 1st pair of earrings from our great selection, then get both ears marked to ensure perfection. After mom’s approval, it’s a quick sweet pinch and Voila! Your first pair of earrings are in and sparkling!

We use the safest, most pain-free and technologically advanced ear piercing system available – the Inverness system®. The Inverness system uses pre-sealed hypoallergenic piercings that make it impossible for exposure to contaminants prior to piercing, making your piercing clean, smooth and over before you can count to three!

We will celebrate the occasion with a keepsake photo certificate and gourmet lollipop. All of our earrings are hypoallergenic, sterile and super cute. Appointments are required to ensure we can be adequately staffed. We make a point to pierce both ears at the same time with the help of 2 trained staff members.

What our customers say...

Great ear piercing service on our toddler.

Eric Ginter

Really positive experience. Thanks for making it easy!

Adam Davies

Great customer service! Brought our 11 month old to get her ears pierced and I admit I was nervous about it. The staff was very comforting and Lana the piercer was very professional and kind. One thing that made us interested in getting our daughters ears pierced at this establishment that separated it from other places of business, is that they pierce both ears at the same time. Your little one only goes through the pain once. Thank you for the adorable earrings!

Glenn Lewis

Had our ears pierced. The staff was great!

Kelli Gherasim

Staff were able to ease my daughter’s anxieties about her piercing! Success and without tears! Fun and cheerful place!

Mai-Linh Huynh

They are the best place for kids!

Allie McMillan