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Kids Spa Day: Why Salon Services aren’t Just for Moms!

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Spa services are typically thought of as a luxury for moms. No question, a relaxing mani-pedi is great for an indulgent afternoon of self-care; however, kids can enjoy spa services too! A kids spa day is a fun way to celebrate a birthday, acknowledge an achievement, or de-stress after a hectic week of school. 

If you’ve never thought of treating your child to a kids spa day or if you have misgivings about spa services being appropriate for kids, here are some reasons to consider it.

What age can you take your child to the spa?

Most kids’ spas offer services for children as young as 3. Obviously, the type of service will be different for a 3-year-old than it would be for a 13-year-old. For instance, a younger child might get their nails painted. An older child could receive a full manicure complete with cuticle care and lotion massage.

Before booking a spa treatment for your child at a salon, ask the salon a few questions to be sure it’s the best place for you and your child’s needs.

Examples of questions to ask include:

  • What type of services do you offer for kids?
  • What is the average age of your child clients?
  • Are your products non-toxic and safe for kids?

What Salon Services are Appropriate for Kids?

We know not all spa treatments are appropriate for children. For instance, an age-defying facial or a full body scrub may not be a good choice for a kids’ spa day. However, there are still plenty of options for kids to be pampered.

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Manicures for Kids

Manicures are the perfect salon service for kids of almost any age! The bright colours, sparkles, and designs available for kids’ nails are sure to make the experience fun and inviting. A kids’ manicure can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, making it a perfect choice for a child’s first experience at the spa.

When you visit a kid-friendly salon, you can expect their first manicure to be gentle and age-appropriate. No sharp tools and no harsh chemicals. The most challenging part of the visit should be selecting the perfect nail polish colour!

Pedicures for Kids

Pedicures are just as good as manicures for a first spa treatment and can be a relaxing way to teach the importance of self-care to young boys and girls. For kids with tickly toes, be sure to take them to a kid-friendly salon that emphasizes delivering a positive experience. Technicians at a kids spa will know how to help your child feel comfortable and make the treatment fun!

When bringing your child for their first pedicure, you should prepare them on what to expect. For instance, at Lizzy Lee & Me, our pedicure treatments include:

  • Warm foot soak
  • Gentle foot massage
  • Soft file down
  • Nail polish application
  • Two pieces of nail art!

What are the Benefits of Taking My Child for Spa Treatments?

Having pretty-looking fingers and toes after a mani-pedi is definitely a fun benefit of a kids’ spa day! But, that’s not the only benefit. Body awareness, confidence and good hygiene habits are other benefits of a blissful spa day!

Teach Body Positivity

During a kids spa service, children are often seated in a big chair with their feet in a basin of soapy water. This is an excellent opportunity to teach your child about regularly caring for their nails and skin and talk about how amazing their growing bodies are!

Boost Self Confidence 

Spa treatments make kids feel pampered and special. They’ll beam with pride when they see how nice their nails look after a mani-pedi. This boost in confidence is valuable for kids of all ages.

Promote Good Hygiene Habits

The process of getting a spa service is an excellent opportunity to teach kids the importance of taking care of their nails and skin. Showing them how to properly wash and scrub their bodies will help them develop good hygiene habits that will last a lifetime.

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How to Make a Kids Spa Day Amazing

No two kids are created the same. This means that to ensure your child has an enjoyable and memorable experience at the spa, it should cater to their wants, needs, and development stage. Below are a few of our top ideas to plan the perfect kids’ spa day for your kids.

Plan a Mommy and Me Date

A mommy and me spa day is a great way to spend quality time with your child while teaching them about the benefits of taking care of their nails and skin. Book side-by-side treatments and enjoy a relaxing time together.

Make it a BFF Spa Day

If your child and their BFF are inseparable, consider turning their kids’ spa day into a fun event with their bestie! They can enjoy getting their nails done together and maybe go for some ice cream or shopping together afterwards. 

Make it A Spa Party!

Consider booking a spa party for a truly unique and memorable kids’ spa day! They’re the perfect way to experience a spa-sational day with friends. And the best part for moms – there’s no prep work or clean-up required!

Kids Spa Day: Explore Kids Spa Services at Lizzy Lee & Me

To introduce your child to a day spa’s benefits and relaxing atmosphere, Lizzy Lee & Me is the perfect place to be. We are a kids’ only salon in Victoria, BC, and we offer salon, spa, and party services that cater to the needs of children. Contact us today to learn more about our kids’ spa services or to book an appointment.

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