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Effective Lice Prevention & Elimination Products

lice prevention and elimination products

If you’re the parent of a school-aged child in British Columbia, you’ve likely dealt with a lice infestation at least once. If you are a member of that unfortunate club, we’re willing to bet you’d do almost anything to prevent pesky lice bugs from ever returning.

And, if you’re one of the fortunate few who hasn’t treated a lice infestation before, you’ve probably heard how those that have, wish they’d invested in lice prevention care earlier. Fortunately, it’s never too late, or too early, to incorporate lice repelling hair care products into a family’s daily routine.

Preventing an infestation isn’t nearly as challenging as eradicating one. An effective lice prevention strategy doesn’t require pokey metal combs, hours of hunting for nits, or daily washing of household bedding.

Lice Prevention: Use Products that are Safe and Effective

Simple changes to a hair care routine, coupled with proven lice prevention tips, will arm you with everything you need for an effective lice prevention strategy. 

Lizzy Lee offers a complete line of prevention products safe for daily use. They are available in our Hillside Shopping Centre location and in our online shop. We only carry lice prevention products that are safe for use in children and are made with as many natural ingredients as possible.

When looking to fortify your family’s hair care routine against lice, be sure to use the three essential lice prevention products: 

  • lice prevention shampoo
  • lice prevention conditioner 
  • lice repellent spray

Lice Prevention Shampoo & Conditioner

For a lice prevention shampoo or conditioner to be effective, it should be enriched with natural ingredients known to deter lice. Several options in the market are available that are safe for daily use and help improve the look and feel of hair.

When looking for lice repelling shampoo and conditioner that your kids will love and is safe for daily use, be sure the product meets the following criteria:

  • Contains Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, Lavender, or Citronella. Each oil alone or in conjunction with any combination of the others will suffice.
  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben and chemical-free

For those that don’t wish to switch hair care products, an alternate solution that’s super easy is to turn your favourite shampoo and conditioner into a lice-busting solution. For tips on how to do that, read this article.

Lice Repelling Sprays

Lice deterring sprays are a parent’s last line of defence against lice. Repellents are solutions infused with scents that lice find repugnant such as tea tree oil, rosemary, or lavender. They are simple to use; simply spritz the product on hair before venturing out in the morning.

Also, it’s a good idea to spray belongings that can be exposed to hair and lice with a gentle louse repellent. In addition to hair, ponytails or plaits, the nape of the neck, upper section of a backpack, and coat or jacket collar are other areas to treat with a natural lice repellant.

Safer than Bug Spray

Lice repelling sprays are similar to traditional bug sprays; they are designed to repel unwanted pests. However, hair care products that repel lice are harmless, unlike standard bug repellent. Lice repelling hair sprays made with natural ingredients are safe, non-toxic and gentle enough for use on every member of your family.

It isn’t necessary to spritz a lice repellant all over the body like you would with bug spray. A few sprays on hair and upper shoulder before leaving the house for the day are all that’s needed.

Lice Elimination: Harsh Chemicals Aren’t Always the Answer

Chemical treatments for eliminating lice are proving to be less effective than before. In recent years, lice bugs have developed a resistance to many pesticides commonly used to eradicate them. This means that over-the-counter lice products won’t necessarily rid lice from those being treated.

Wet Combing Method

Before pesticides were introduced to treat head lice, traditional wet combing was the standard treatment used in households. As lice gain resistance to chemical treatments, wet-combing is rapidly becoming the standard treatment once again. 

When selecting a safe product for wet combing, it’s best to use one that is thick and infused with natural oils that can help combat lice. The treatment should be dense enough to immobilize and suffocate live lice. 

Nit Removal

It should be noted that while wet combing effectively kills live lice, it doesn’t harm lice eggs, called nits. Nits must be removed, or when they hatch, further infestations will occur.

Lice combs are an excellent tool for removing nits. However, be sure to use one of good quality, preferably a comb made of stainless steel. Lice combs can be highly effective for eliminating nits when used in conjunction with manual nit checks.

Visit Lizzy Lee & Me for Safe Lice Repelling and Elimination Products

At our kids-only salon and spa, we regularly help families find ways to prevent and eliminate lice. All our lice products are safe for use on children, are pesticide-free and available online or in our shop. To see our current line of lice products, click here

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