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Lice Shampoo Basics: Tea Tree Oil Helps Deter Head Lice

If you’ve ever had a head lice infestation in your home, you know how challenging and frustrating treating lice can be. Those with first-hand experience with head lice, can attest that it is an unpleasant and foreboding ordeal. If your family has gone to battle with a head lice outbreak, you’re not alone. 

Cases of Head Lice Are on the Rise

More and more families in North America are having to deal with head lice. Why? Because in recent years, instances of head lice have been rising. This is largely due to head lice bugs becoming increasingly resistant to traditional pesticide treatments

Head Lice Shampoo: Prevention is Key

Upon successfully eradicating lice from the home, many families are eager to learn how to prevent lice from returning. One such method is to regularly use a good lice shampoo as well as other lice-deterring hair care products.


Choosing a shampoo, conditioner, or conditioning spray to repel lice can be confusing. Determining which product will be best for you and your family’s needs can be made easier by understanding what ingredients to look for that will help deter head lice. 


The following information will help explain which natural ingredients to look for and why they are beneficial to preventing head lice.

Lice Shampoo Essential: Tea Tree Oil

Almost all lice repellent products you shop for will have tea tree oil listed as an ingredient. That’s because tea tree oil is a proven repellent of head lice. Studies have shown that tea tree oil is the botanical substance most effective at deterring lice.


It is believed the slipperiness of the oil, and not the oil’s scent, is what prevents lice from gaining ground on hair treated with tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Oil Infused Hair Care Products

Lice repellents that use tea tree oil as the primary effective ingredient include:

When selecting a hair care product with tea tree oil for kids, you have many options. Choose the one that suits your needs best. For example, families who regularly fight hair tangles may find a detangling spray infused with tea tree oil is a great option. Or, a gluten-free hair conditioner with added tea tree oil may work for those with gluten sensitivities.

Make Your Own Head Lice Shampoo

If you can’t find a product that suits your hair type and repels head lice, don’t worry. You can easily make your own.


 All you need is a bottle of your favourite hair care product, a jar of pure tea tree oil, and supplies to mix the two together. 


Who doesn’t love a good DIY project, right? 


Especially when it’s one that’s so simple and super satisfying!


Beyond Tea Tree Oil: Other Natural Head Lice Deterrents

While tea tree oil is a natural and effective oil that helps convince head lice to keep moving, other natural oils are helpful too. These include:

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Citronella
  • Peppermint 

When buying lice repellent hair care products, look for products that contain tea tree oil plus at least one of the above mentioned natural oils. When any of those oils are blended with tea tree oil you’re likely to have favourable results. What this really means is your kids can have sweet smelling tresses and be less likely to get head lice.

Don’t Forget – Employ Other Lice Prevention Measures Too!

While lice repellents are great for guarding hair from the creepy bugs, they aren’t foolproof. It’s best to use additional physical prevention measures in conjunction with hair care products. 

To make your hair less appealing to host-seeking lice, be sure to employ the following:

  • Keep long hair tied back. Braids and ponytails are excellent options. Use of fun hair accessories can help make these hairstyles fun.
  • Keep your distance. Kids at school are prone to getting close with one another. Remind kids that keeping some space between themselves and their friends will reduce the likelihood of contracting lice.
  • Avoid sharing clothes or hats. Live adult lice can live on clothing and other surfaces for almost 48 hours. They can easily travel from one person to another by sharing clothing or trying on each other’s hats.

Where to Buy Lice Repellent Hair Care Products

Salons that specialize in kids hair care are a perfect resource for finding lice repellent products that are safe, effective, and nourishing for a child’s delicate hair. In Victoria, BC, our salon, Lizzy Lee & Me, carries a variety of hair care products parents can use to deter head lice and also promote healthy, great looking hair. 

For more information on what lice deterrent hair care products are available in our salon, stop by our store at Hillside Mall or browse our website.


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