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Salon & Spa Packages for Kids

Our salon & spa packages for kids in Victoria, BC, make for a perfect gift/celebration. We put together an unforgettable experience that will leave your kids feeling special and relaxed.

5/5 from 150+ customers

What our customers say...

Excellent service my two daughters love their new hairstyles. Shoutout to the hairdressers!

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Gerald Mayor

Great place for a kid’s hair cut. They did an excellent job for both my boys and they took all measures to reduce the risks of COVID. The ambiance is impressive and centrally located on a Mall.

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Carlos Maforte

They are the best place for kids!

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Allie McMillan

Great place for a kid’s first haircut, they were great about everything!

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Jeremiah Foley

Nell performed magic for my very scared toddler and he got an awesome haircut.

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Melinda Budgell

Staff were able to ease my daughter’s anxieties about her piercing! Success and without tears! Fun and cheerful place!

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Mai-Linh Huynh

What a great place to bring littles for their first hair cut! We loved it and will be back!

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Had our ears pierced. The staff was great!

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Kelli Gherasim

Great ear piercing service on our toddler.

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Eric Ginter

Really positive experience. Thanks for making it easy!

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Adam Davies

We’ve always had great experiences here. Ervin and the whole stylist team are gentle, kind, professional and have always given my boys great cuts!

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Katie Conway

Went with a 6 month old. They were so good with a moving baby. The haircut looked great.

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Megan Nahser

Brought my one and three month old for his first haircut and they did an amazing job. They were quite friendly and understanding with not really knowing what you want done — will definitely recommend.

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Ben Waitson