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Spa-Jama Party

$349 for 6

The ultimate Pajama Jam Party! Put on your PJ’s and grab your friends! This party is filled with pampering, popcorn, games and fun. (Best for ages 7 and up)

Party Includes:

Spa-girl Hairstyle
Polish Application
Dancing, Popcorn, Karaoke and Party Games
Cute Sleep Mask for each guest
Keepsake Photo, Happy Birthday Headband & Lizzy Lee T-Shirt for the B'day Girl
2 fun, energetic party leaders to make sure you have the Best Birthday Party Ever!

Party Add-ons:

Cake Room Rental (30min)
Shimmery Make-up Application
DIY Spa Lotion
DIY Spa Sugar Scrub
Glitter Tattoos
DIY Lip-gloss
Keepsake Photo
Shop-Your-Own Goody Bag

Extra Guest Charge: $49 per friend

Max of 12 guests


What our customers say...

My girls love it here! They’ve been to b-day parties here, got ears pierced here and there’s always decently priced gifts to be picked up too. Clean and good service!

Ruban Rebalkin

We go here several times a year and my daughter adores it! She has a disability and they’ve always been able to accommodate her in quieter times and with a slightly longer appointment. She loves looking around the store too. It’s a little girls’ dream come true – all the tutus, crowns, jewelry, nail polish. We have also held her birthday party there several months ago and the staff are so energetic and fun it put my “fun mom” status under serious question. Great salon!

Sarah B

One of the greatest places for young girls birthday parties.. we can get their hair done and their nails done friendly atmosphere.

Mark Martin

They are the best place for kids!

Allie McMillan

Have attended multiple parties here with my daughters. The staff are amazing! Super friendly, very helpful and always great at including my littlest (who is 2). My eldest had a haircut here and it also was a great experience.

Jessica Slinn

Good place for an all-girl younger kid’s birthday party.

Peter Anderson

My daughter – and I – have received great service from L.L. & Me. We’ve had hairstyles, ear piercing and birthday parties. They have all been top notch. If your kid is a bit nervous – this is the place to go.

Richelle Dawn Funk

Really positive experience. Thanks for making it easy!

Adam Davies

Had an 8 year old birthday party. Staff was engaging and super great with all the girls. Gave them a lot of attention, lots of photos and the girls enjoyed their pampering. A private space after for cake and presents. My daughter had a lot of fun.

Jason V

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