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Hair Shots

Hair Shots



Hair Shots is perfume quality hair fragrance that is heat activated. When your head heats up, which naturally happens when we walk, play a sport or exercise, Hair Shots’ scent intensifies without adding oil or drying your hair. Haven’t we all noticed that when we dry our hair, that great smelling shampoo scent disappears? Hair Shots starts where shampoos leave off.

Apply Hair Shots to your wet, dry, clean or non-shampooed hair. Simply lift hair and spray directly on your head after you shampoo, towel dry, or spray it in after you blow your hair dry, either way your hair is fragrant all day. Go ahead, dare to have cotton candy hair.

  • Thin Hair (3-4 sprays)
  • Thick Hair (4-5 sprays)
  • Super Thick Hair (6-7 sprays)

Ingredients: Fragrance oil, water, and alcohol.