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Pink Popsicle Earrings

Pink Popsicle Earrings


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Having metal-sensitive or non-pierced ears no longer means you can’t wear adorable, fashion earrings! Pretty Smart earrings, the clear choice for comfortable ears.

❤ DESIGN: Pink popsicle with a heart

❤ MATERIAL: Metal-free resin popsicle

❤ SIZE: 7mm wide x 11mm tall. (.27 x .43 inches). This size is appropriate for those who prefer a dainty earring.

❤ VARIATIONS: Plastic posts for metal sensitive ears. Our plastic posts are BPA, nickel, lead, and cadmium free. They are perfect for pierced ears and anyone with sensitivity to metal earrings. The clear hypoallergenic plastic post style earrings are lightweight and comfortable for metal sensitive ears.

Made in Canada