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Salon for Kids in Victoria, BC

Haircuts are always something special at Lizzy Lee & Me. Our experienced team of licensed stylists are trained to work with even the littlest customers and know all the tricks to get the job done and still make it fun!

5/5 from 150+ customers

Under 2 years old
Mist & Cut, Quick Dry, Gourmet Lollipop
2-6 years old
Mist & Cut, Quick Dry, Gourmet Lollipop
7-14 years old
Mist & Cut, Quick Dry, Gourmet Lollipop
Mist & Cut, Quick Dry, Gourmet Lollipop
Extra Time
For those with long/thick/curly/textured hair requiring more time, or older kids looking for a more sophisticated cut
Surcharge $10+
Bang Trim
Mist, Bang Trim, Gourmet Lollipop
Donation Cut
Haircut, hair collection and postage to Wigs for Kids BC, keepsake photo certificate
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It's My Birthday Haircut Package
Haircut with Party Up-do or Hot Tool Finish, 3 x Hair Tinsel or Temporary Color Shots, Sparkles, Choice of Special Gift from our Pick N Mix shelf
Salon Add-ons
Shampoo & Blow Dry
Currently available weekdays only
Starting at $10
Finishing Touches
Tinsel, Temp Colour, Designs
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Hair Treatments
Chlorine Removal/Detangling/Damaged
Starting at $15
Hot Tool Finish
Starting at $20
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For Babies & Toddlers
First Haircut Package
Mist, Cut, Quick Dry, Precious Keepsake Certificate (with before and after photo and lock of hair), Gourmet Lollipop
Toddler Tuesday Special
(for kids 3 and under). Comb out, Cut, Gourmet Lollipop
Updos & More
Lizzy Lee has you covered whether you’re looking to rock recess with a new do, primp up your princess PRE prom, or a formal wedding day style!
Hair Tinsel
A strand of sparkly hair tinsel
$3 per strand
Colour Application
Demi-permanent fun colour application
$30 and up
Temporary Colour
A shot of fun colour
$3 per streek
Party Up-do
A just for fun up-do, no hot tools included
Specialty Up-do
Special occasion up-do’s are performed by stylists and include a hot tool finish
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Braids / Buns / Dance Do
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What our customers say...

Excellent service my two daughters love their new hairstyles. Shoutout to the hairdressers!

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Gerald Mayor

Went with a 6 month old. They were so good with a moving baby. The haircut looked great.

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Megan Nahser

Brought my one and three month old for his first haircut and they did an amazing job. They were quite friendly and understanding with not really knowing what you want done — will definitely recommend.

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Ben Waitson

Great place for a kid’s hair cut. They did an excellent job for both my boys and they took all measures to reduce the risks of COVID. The ambiance is impressive and centrally located on a Mall.

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Carlos Maforte

If you have a little girl or boy this is the place to take them. Any hair or nail service you can get but it’s orientated for children. The staff is super friendly. My daughter got the works done. Cut, colour, mani and pedi. She loved it. They brought her snacks while she had to wait for the colour to set. They have Netflix for the kids to watch. The prices are very good. Not over priced that you would have to pay at a normal salon.

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Amazing. Our little got her 1st haircut here in Dec 2020. Paw patrol/Netflix to distract kids, patient hairdresser, and exciting time for sensory unique kids. She was able to get the 1st haircut package for $28. 2 pictures and a strand of her hair. She def enjoyed the attention and didn’t want to leave haha. From mullet to chin length adorbs. Irvan (I think she said her name was) I highly recommend. My little, when finished, got to pick a prize. I like the setup of the store, bright colored multi color walls, tvs, comfy chairs, fun stuff to buy on one side and the other side is the hair salon.

If planning to go, covid safety : little must wear a mask. Hand sanitizer station. Check in with cashier 1st. Then wait by station till called.

I highly recommend this place to others who are nervous about their kids haircuts. Yes, the price is a bit high, but what you get, and a patient kid focused hairdresser, it’s worth every penny.

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What a great place to bring littles for their first hair cut! We loved it and will be back!

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Such a wonderful place!! I had my son’s first haircut there and it was the best experience. She made sure to keep lots of little curls for me and did a before and after photo. Exceeded our expectations. Will definitely be going back! This place really knows kids!

S Tkaczyk

Great place for a kid’s first haircut, they were great about everything!

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Jeremiah Foley

Did a great job on my kid’s first hair cut, which I had heavily delayed due to covid. Amber polished up her hair without super changing the style, just as we wanted! Fun selection of stuffies and hair clips and things in the shop so I could make her a little goodie bag to leave with. All in all, my 4 year old said her day was lovely. We also appreciated the Covid protocols still being in effect like wearing masks so that we didn’t have to worry about the extra exposure.

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Suzanne Mandybura

Nell performed magic for my very scared toddler and he got an awesome haircut.

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Melinda Budgell

We’ve always had great experiences here. Ervin and the whole stylist team are gentle, kind, professional and have always given my boys great cuts!

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Katie Conway

I’m so glad we came in. I was nervous about my little guy’s first style cut, and the attention to detail and checks for his comfort level had him and I both feeling at ease. I won’t be taking my little guy anywhere else. Thank you so much, I’m one happy mama!

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Megan Coull

My daughter and I had an absolutely wonderful experience. We had gone to another salon the day before and had a horrible time so to make it up to her we went here and were not disappointed. Blue the stylist was amazing with my daughter (4). She distracted her with the tv then when she had to cut her bangs she played games and tickled her face with the brush to make her laugh. To top it off she was able to pick a lollipop got sparkle hair spray and a purple wash out streak. I could not be happier and neither could my daughter. Thank you so so much! We can’t wait for our next haircut.

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Sarah Yetman