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Tangles How To

Dealing with tangles and snarls in your child’s hair can be a tearful, frustrating and a time-consuming task for both them and you!

Preventing Tangles

When washing hair, gently massage the shampoo into scalp and through the hair, do not vigorously lather the shampoo. Use a leave-in conditioner such as Original Sprout Leave In Conditioner and comb hair immediately after conditioning while hair is still wet. After washing and conditioning, make sure to gently towel dry the hair, do not move the towel back and forth through the hair. For children with long hair, sleep with a loose braid in at night.

Getting Rid of Tangles

Before combing, always start by spraying a good detangler generously through the hair.  We recommend Original Sprout Miracle Detangler. Use a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush.  Start combing at the very ends of the hair and work your way up to the scalp slowly.  Lizzy Lee & Me carries a selection of detangling combs and brushes.

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