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Donate hair to Wigs for Kids

Lizzy Lee & Me partners with Wigs for Kids to make hair donations to children experiencing hair loss so they can look themselves and live their lives. Donating hair is a great way to get a haircut AND teach your child the importance of giving back. If you or your child would like to make a hair donation, call Lizzy Lee & Me to schedule a weekday donation appointment. Wigs for Kids donors pay regular haircut prices or get your haircut FREE if you collect $50 or more in Pledges. Click the link below to join our team and start collecting pledges now!

Everyone who donates hair gets a $5 coupon for their next haircut.

For a donation haircut, hair must be non-chemically processed, cleaned, dried, and detangled with a minimum of 10 inches in length to donate. During the appointment, we’ll separate hair into sections, cut it, and then give you a stylish haircut. We’ll handle getting the hair to Wigs for Kids and there’s even a hair donation certificate to show how thankful we are to be helping kids

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What is Wigs For Kids

Wigs for Kids is an amazing non-profit organization that takes hair donations, crafts them into cool and stylish wigs, and donates them to kids experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, burns, and other medical reasons. We love Wigs for Kids because they truly care about children and families who are going through hard times, and they’re doing their best to make those times a little easier. You can find out more about Wigs For Kids on their website.

How to prepare for Wigs For Kids.

  • Call Lizzy Lee & Me to schedule your donation appointment. Hair donations are accepted on weekdays, by appointment only. Lizzy Lee & Me accepts one Wigs For Kids donation per day. We do not accept donations on weekends, school holidays, or the weeks before Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or back-to-school.
  • The donated hair must be a minimum of 10 inches.
  • Hair should be non-chemically processed, clean, dry, and detangled before your appointment and we cannot accept chemically processed, permed, or dyed hair. Gray hair is acceptable.
  • At your appointment, our stylists will remove 10 inches of hair and then cut and style your hair.
  • Lizzy Lee & Me gives each donor a Wigs For Kids Donation Certificate and a Lizzy Lee & Me coupon to recognize your awesome generosity.
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Thank you for supporting our cut-a-thon

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