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We Love This Easy Kids Hairstyle for Busy Mornings

Weekday mornings are the bane of existence for many parents. Getting an entire household out of bed, fed, dressed, and out the door on time is not easy. Not to mention the added stress of the countless unscheduled hurdles, such as a last-minute refusal to brush teeth or comb hair. 

To survive the morning rush, every parent has an arsenal of tools and strategies. Knowing a few easy kid-friendly hairstyles can feel like a lifesaver on busy mornings for parents whose little ones have long hair. For example, classic pigtails have always been a great idea as a quick hairstyle, perfect for school days.

Plus, pigtails are as versatile as they are easy, making them the ultimate go-to for surviving even the most hair-raising of weekday mornings. 

If you think that pigtails aren’t as cute and fun as other more challenging hairstyles, look again! Not sure what we’re talking about? Take a look at the following twists on two timeless kids’ dos for long hair.

Classic Pigtails

Kids in pigtails are always on trend! This classic hairstyle is easy, practical and super quick to get done. Plus, the number of variations you can do with the simple pigtail is absolutely endless. Not sure how to start with pigtails? We recommend beginning with a basic pigtail style, and then when time permits, simply let your creativity go!

Why We Love Pigtails As an Easy Kids Hairstyle

In addition to being cute, fun and super simple, our stylists at Lizzy Lee & Me recommend pigtails to parents for several reasons. Some of these include:


  • Pigtails are often more secure than ponytails, especially in younger kids. 
  • Keeps hair out of the face.
  • Helps keep hair healthy between haircuts.
  • Takes only a couple of minutes.
  • Very minimal skill is required.
  • Kids can start doing their own pigtails at a younger age.
  • Very versatile.


How to Create Perfect Pigtails:

1. Ideally, start with hair that is freshly brushed and tangle-free. To speed up the preparation process, be sure to use a good detangling brush and detangler spray. We promise, once you transition to detangling tools, you’ll see fewer tears and tangles almost immediately!

2. Next, part the hair down the middle into two sections.

3. Brush one section of hair into a ponytail. If you want to create low pigtails, brush hair down and behind the ear; then brush remaining wisps at the base of the neck to the side where the hair is gathered. For higher pigtails, brush front hair to the top of the head, then brush hair on the backside upwards and toward the top of the head.

4. Secure the pigtail with a hair elastic. 

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other side. Be sure the second pigtail is the same height as the first one. Spritz with light hair spray to help secure hair in place. Voila!

Easy Ideas to Have Fun with Pigtails

If you’re ready to add variety and flair to a cute, basic pigtail hair-do, consider the following ideas for some inspiration. 


Try dressing up your child’s pigtails with bows, glitter clips, or other fun hair accessories. Get your little ones in on the fun, and them choose which ones to use each time. This can help your child become more willing to get their hair styled and help them to understand and feel proud about caring for their body.

Add a Headband

Low pigtails are super cute, but often hair can slip out of them and appear messy around the face. Keep those strays from falling in your child’s eyes by adding a sweet headband to the style. Headbands are also a fun way to keep your child interested if they’re becoming bored with pigtails.

Braided Pigtails

Create an entirely new look with pigtails simply by turning them into a simple braid. Once the two pigtails are secured by elastics, braid each tail individually and secure with a smaller elastic at the bottom. Braided pigtails keep long hair secure better than loose ones making them a great way to help prevent lice.

Learn More Kids Hair Care Tips at Lizzy Lee & Me

Lizzy Lee & Me is Victoria’s top kid-friendly hair salon offering salon services, birthday parties, and spa services designed for fun! Our website and Hillside Mall location are excellent resources parents can rely on for information and tips about kids’ hair care. To learn more, visit our website today.


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