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Plan an Incredible Spa Birthday Party Kids & Tweens Will Love!

Spa-themed birthday parties for kids are extremely popular these days. And it’s no wonder why. The experience of being pampered alongside your closest friends is a tremendous treat –  for both kids and adults. This is one reason why our team at Lizzy Lee & Me helps Victoria, BC families host amazing, one-of-a-kind spa birthday parties for their young kids and tweens.

And, while we think the best way to enjoy a perfectly orchestrated spa party is with one of our hassle-free and all-inclusive spa party packages, we know that now is not the right time for in-person activities. But, that doesn’t mean we won’t help families plan incredible party experiences for their birthday child and their besties!

Today, we’re sharing top tips families can use to plan a wonderful, indulgent at-home spa birthday parties for 10 year olds, kids and tweens! And, these ideas are completely customizable, – they can be used for kids of all ages, and stages and can even be turned into a remote event.

Spa Party Idea #1: Choose a Theme

Party themes are a fun way to help focus and direct your party planning efforts. When selecting a theme for your party, be sure to include favoured elements and hobbies that the birthday child will appreciate.

Theme ideas that can easily suit a spa-party include:


Who doesn’t love the allure and magic of pretending to be a mermaid? To help your child bring their mermaid dreams to life at their spa birthday party, consider these ideas:

  • Provide glittery nail polish in blues, purples, and deep pinks.
  • Use ocean-themed decorations and streamers
  • Mermaid food! Serve goldfish crackers, decorated sugar cookies, or blue mermaid juice.
  • Play music from Disney’s The Little Mermaid soundtrack.
  • Decorate teal-coloured flip-flops with silk flowers and jewel stickers.


Magical creatures are always a hit with young kids! If the birthday child is a certified unicorn-fanatic, try these ideas for creating a unicorn spa party they won’t soon forget.

  • Plan a Unicorn birthday cake.
  • Gift each guest with a unicorn horn or, for crafty tweens have them craft one for themselves.
  • Decorate each guest’s “mane” with temporary hair mascara.

Spa Party Idea #2: Choose Spa Treatments

Encourage party guests to relax and be pampered with age-friendly spa treatments. Not every spa treatment is best for each age group but, with a touch of creativity (and many old towels on hand!) a salon experience can be tailored to all.

Spa Treatment Ideas for Preschoolers (Age 3-5)

Preschool aged kids love to move, wiggle, and giggle. Finding spa treatment young guests can enjoy means thinking of options that are short, sweet, and allow plenty of freedom.

Consider the following easy and luxurious ideas for preschoolers:

  • Mani-pedi’s using non-toxic nail polish.
  • Let kids pamper a doll. Use washable markers as nail polish and make-up and have cute barrettes or scrunchies for them to style their doll’s hair with.
  • Use a bubble machine to create an “under the sea” atmosphere.

Spa Treatment Ideas for 8 to 10 year Olds

Spa treatments for six-to-eight-year-olds can include longer treatment times than playtime. But, this age group still loves to move and be silly! For spa-treatment ideas that will be a hit with school-aged kids, try the following:

  • DIY manicures and pedicures. Include glittery nail art and multiple nail polish colours.
  • Apply facial masks.
  • Offer lip gloss and lip balms or other non-toxic play makeup.

Spa Treatment Ideas for Tweens (10 – 12)

Tweens are a unique age group. Shifting from being a little kid to a teenager is full of changes, both physically and emotionally. When planning a spa party for the “big kids” consider introducing skincare and the importance of self-care to them. A few fun ways to do so can include:

  • During a mani-pedi, share essential skincare tips.
  • Make a sugar-scrub for hands, feet, and body.
  • When wearing a facial mask, explore relaxation or mindfulness techniques.

Spa Party Idea #3: Relax and Have Fun!

Planning a party can be stressful, especially if we become determined to create a “perfect” party experience. When planning an event for kids, remember to be flexible and to let the kids explore and have fun. To learn more about how we create memorable spa experiences in our kid-friendly salon, check out all of our spa packages!

Due to COVID-19 limitations, many of our spa party options are not currently available. We do expect to begin offering them in the not too distant future, so keep checking back!

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