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5 Back to School Hair Care Essentials Your Family Needs

At Lizzy Lee & Me we love helping families in Victoria, BC with getting their kid’s hair care routine back on track and ready for the busy school season.  Back-to-school is a great opportunity to give your kids’ hair some much-needed love, especially after months of exposing delicate hair to the harsh heat and sun.

It’s also a great time to assess and refresh your family’s hair care needs with new products and essentials. We feel the following products and hair care tips are simply essential for your family to enjoy a smooth (and silky!) hair care transition into the fall season.

Back to School Hair Care Essential #1: Fresh Haircut

Book a professional kids’ haircut before heading back to class this September.

A haircut in late summer or early fall is ideal for your child to have hair that looks and feels healthy. Hair often becomes dry, brittle, and damaged during the summer months. A thorough haircut at a kid-friendly hair salon is perfect to repair and restore your child’s damaged hair.

If your child is curious to try a new hairstyle, back-to-school season is perfect for letting their ideas fly! For inspiration on new haircuts and styles you and your child will love, explore cute hair cuts for kids on Pinterest or, check out Lizzy Lee’s top ideas for cute short haircuts for girls!

Back to School Hair Care Essential #2: Detangler Spray

Use a good detangling spray to ease morning haircare challenges.

Morning routines during the school year are challenging. Dealing with tangled hair every day is famous for creating considerable stress for kids and parents in the morning rush.

A good way to win the battle against tangles in your child’s hair before school is to spritz a generous amount of quality detangler on hair just before brushing. Detangling sprays reduce the number of tangles in hair and are great for loosening stubborn snarls.

Adding a quality detangler to your morning hair care arsenal is essential to creating an easy hair care routine that will make both you and your child very happy.

Back to School Hair Care Essential #3: Detangling Brush

Use a detangling comb or brush for easier hair brushing.

Detangling brushes and combs can glide through hair tangles in long hair with more ease than other types of hairbrushes. Detangling tools are uniquely designed to easily slide through tangles and separate hair strands with minimal tension or breakage.

Used in conjunction with a good detangler spray, detangler brushes and combs are parents’ secret weapons to save time in the morning and provide kids with pain-free hair care experiences.

Back to School Hair Care Essential #4: Lice Dettering Hair Care Products

Lice deterring hair care products will help keep those hair-loving critters at bay.

Fall and winter are prime lice seasons – the most common times of the year for kids to catch head lice. While not harmful to you or your child’s health, dealing with a lice infestation is extremely unpleasant at best. Lice deterring products, such as shampoos and conditioners infused with tea tree, lavender, and rosemary oils, help repel lice.

Other options to prevent lice from coming home with your kids after school is to inform your child on behaviours that can prevent lice. Examples of lice prevention behaviours include:

  • Avoid sharing hats and coats.
  • Keep hair tied back in braids or ponytails.
  • Don’t lean on friends’ heads or shoulders.

Back to School Hair Care Essential #5: Swimmers Hair Care Solutions

Keep hair soft and supple after the pool with swimmers hair care products.

Fall and winter is a popular time to sign kids up for swim lessons at local pools and recreation centers. Take good care of your youngest swimmers’ hair with specially formulated hair products to prevent damage caused by chlorine and chemically treated pool water.

For protecting your child’s delicate hair, consider using a swimmers shampoo and conditioner that’s especially gentle. Replenish moisture with deep conditioning treatments once a week.

Go Back-to-School With Ease: Get Help From Lizzy Lee & Me

Is the back to school season a wonderful time of year for your family? Having to say goodbye to the relaxed and carefree schedules of summer may not be easy to embrace. However, preparing for the return of morning routines, sports activities, and classroom drop-offs is an enjoyable way to greet the inevitable transition towards fall.

Help your kids get prepared and confident for a successful school year with a new hair-do and fun hair care accessories, available at our kids only salon.

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