Mommy and Me: 7 Adorable & Affordable Date Ideas

mommy and me date ideas

Staying connected with your child is always front of mind as a mom. Yet, making meaningful connections with our young kids isn’t always easy. Homework, housework, paying-the-bills, and work constantly compete with a kid for their parent’s attention. Unfortunately, being a physically present parent doesn’t guarantee a solid emotional connection between them and their child. […]

Natural Cradle Cap Treatments That Are Simple and Safe

cradle cap tips for parents

Caring for young children is not easy, especially in the earliest days when an infant’s health is closely monitored. Unexpected changes in an infant’s health during their first year are often startling to new parents. For instance, cradle cap, a skin condition affecting the scalp and skin of infants and young children, can be alarming […]

Avoid Head Lice this Fall With These 5 Expert Tips

Tips to avoid head lice

While head lice can occur at any time, most new infestations tend to happen in the back-to-school season. In schools, students come into close contact with each other and many young kids just love sharing their personal space with each other. Close contact is all an eager female louse bug needs to secure a new […]

We Love This Easy Kids Hairstyle for Busy Mornings

Weekday mornings are the bane of existence for many parents. Getting an entire household out of bed, fed, dressed, and out the door on time is not easy. Not to mention the added stress of the countless unscheduled hurdles, such as a last-minute refusal to brush teeth or comb hair.  To survive the morning rush, […]

5 Back to School Hair Care Essentials Your Family Needs

At Lizzy Lee & Me we love helping families in Victoria, BC with getting their kid’s hair care routine back on track and ready for the busy school season.  Back-to-school is a great opportunity to give your kids’ hair some much-needed love, especially after months of exposing delicate hair to the harsh heat and sun. […]

Lice Shampoo Basics: Tea Tree Oil Helps Deter Head Lice

If you’ve ever had a head lice infestation in your home, you know how challenging and frustrating treating lice can be. Those with first-hand experience with head lice, can attest that it is an unpleasant and foreboding ordeal. If your family has gone to battle with a head lice outbreak, you’re not alone.  Cases of […]

Cute Short Haircuts for Girls We Love at Lizzy Lee & Me!

Short haircuts for girls were considered uncustomary by many for centuries. In the past, a young girl with short hair was often a sure sign that the child had experienced a hair care disaster! However, as ideas and views towards gender have changed, the pressure on young girls to keep their hair long is less […]

Plan an Incredible Spa Birthday Party Kids & Tweens Will Love!

Spa-themed birthday parties for kids are extremely popular these days. And it’s no wonder why. The experience of being pampered alongside your closest friends is a tremendous treat –  for both kids and adults. This is one reason why our team at Lizzy Lee & Me helps Victoria, BC families host amazing, one-of-a-kind spa birthday […]

5 Kids Hair Care Disasters – And How to Fix Them

As almost every parent can tell you, kids’ hair care isn’t easy. Keeping your child’s hair looking neat, tidy, and free from sticky stuff can often feel like a full-time job. For those with younger children, the daily struggle to comb tangles can be overwhelming. And, for parents with older children, convincing them to manage […]

Creative Tips to Make Your Kid’s Ear Piercing Appointment Fun!

When planning your child’s first ear piercing experience, it’s best to make the event a positive one. The ear-piercing process can be uncomfortable and, if not prepared in advance, it can be a little scary for many kids. However, when kids are excited and eager about an upcoming appointment, they’re more likely to be calm […]

Swim / Chlorine Damage How To

Chlorine doesn’t just get on the hair, it gets into it, and is especially attracted to children’s fine hair.  Chlorine build up can make hair tangled, brittle, sticky, and shiny (like a Barbie Doll’s Hair) and even make hair green! Parents can do a few simple things to avoid these issues and save time and […]

Tangles How To

Dealing with tangles and snarls in your child’s hair can be a tearful, frustrating and a time-consuming task for both them and you! Preventing Tangles When washing hair, gently massage the shampoo into scalp and through the hair, do not vigorously lather the shampoo. Use a leave-in conditioner such as Original Sprout Leave In Conditioner […]

Head Lice Facts

Where do head lice come from? Head lice have been around for millions of years. In fact, dried up lice and their eggs have been found on the hair of Egyptian mummies! Head lice do not come out of the air or from the ground. They are human parasites that feed on blood and travel […]

How to Clean After Head Lice

Here is a check list and some tips and tricks for cleaning after a head lice infestation. Head Lice Check-list All combs/brushes, hair pretties, headbands, barrettes should be bagged tightly and placed in the freezer for 12 hours, put in a mesh bag and placed in the dishwasher on the sanitize cycle or set aside […]

Effective Lice Prevention & Elimination Products

lice prevention and elimination products

If you’re the parent of a school-aged child in British Columbia, you’ve likely dealt with a lice infestation at least once. If you are a member of that unfortunate club, we’re willing to bet you’d do almost anything to prevent pesky lice bugs from ever returning. And, if you’re one of the fortunate few who […]